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Animals everywhere in Odisha are in agony. Because animals cannot speak for themselves or fight back effectively, their only allies are people who are aware of their plight and motivated to change it.

People for Animals (PFA) is an animal rights organization advancing the popular movement to respect and nurture all life on planet earth.

Ahimsa is central to our worldview. Nonetheless, millions of animals are indiscriminately beaten, blinded, force-fed steroids, dissected, mutilated and killed every year. Many more are condemned to a lifetime of backbreaking slavery and then, in their old age, sent off to slaughter or thrown out on the streets. Superstition and religious rituals alone take a massive toll on the animal population. Laws framed to protect animals against cruelty are openly scoffed.

In the face of these daunting challenges, PFA fights to rehabilitate and rescue sick and barren animals. We embrace a number of complementary approaches, including:


We believe in power of change.But this is possible only when people from all communities and faiths come together to challenge and transform attitudes, laws, and lifestyles.

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