History of People For Animals, BHUBANESWAR

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PFA was founded in 1994 by Smt. Maneka Gandhi in Mumbai, and PFA, Bhubaneswar was started with her blessing in 1998 by Jiban B. Das. Its mission was to help ease the plight of animals in Odisha.

Prior to 1998 there was no concept of animal welfare in Odisha; concern for animals was limited to concepts derived from animal husbandry. But without animal welfare, animal husbandry is ethically incomplete—it conceives of animals as instruments rather than entities, an attitude which encourages animal suffering to persist unchecked.

The super cyclone that devastated Odisha in 1999 kicked our efforts into high gear. Lakhs of Animals suffered or died because of the cyclone. Few if any organizations were addressing animal welfare in its aftermath. PFA stepped into the breach, playing a crucial role by supporting affected animals through feeding, treatment, rescue, rehabilitation and, most importantly, welfare measures.

The energy, creativity and tenacity of PFA’s staff and membership has been applied to a number of successful animal welfare initiatives ever since.