Dr. Srinivas Das - President

Dr. Das is the retired director of clinics from the Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT). He is a veterinary doctor with 20 years of experience in research on animal disease and management of clinics. His most important PFA contribution is hospital management as a veterinary doctor as well as clinical studies and overall guidance.

Natali Mohanty - Vice President

Natali Mohanty works in the United States as a Senior Vice President in Data and Analytics in an insurance company. She did her PhD in the USA and has corporate experience in India and US. She is involved in organizational issues in PFA and is focused on helping PFA increase its activities in helping animals through increased funding and awareness.

Jiban B. Das - Secretary

Jiban Das is the Founder of PFA, Bhubaneswar and has over 17 years of experience working with animal welfare activities including legislation regarding animal welfare. He deals with the organizational issues in PFA and manages the daily activities.

Durga Prasad Padhy - Treasurer

Durga Prasad Padhy is part of the founding team of PFA and has been closely involved since the last 17 years. He is a business man and social worker and is involved managing the daily activities.

Ashutosh Palit - Member

Ashutosh Palit deals with all legal issues regarding PFA and has been a part of PFA since the past one year. He is advocate/lawyer by profession.

Dr. Sipra Panda - Member

Dr. Sipra Panda has been a member since a year and is a veterinarian doctor dealing with shelter animal issues.

Ramkrushna Mohanty - Member

Ramkrushna Mohanty is an animal lover who writes animal welfare issues and publishes regularly. He has been a part of PFA since a year and is experienced in stray animals’ management and is a retired bank officer.

Dr. Madhumita Ray - Member

Dr. Madhumita Ray is an animal lover and enthusiastic fund raiser and has been part of PFA for a year. She is a professor in Kalinga Institute of Technology (KIT) University.

Mrs. Renubala Rath - Member

Mrs. Renubala Rath is a social worker who helps in educational programs through PFA campaigns for animal welfare.