We are grateful to the following organizations for their help: INFOSYS, NALCO, DHYAN FOUNDATION


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We are committed to creating a better world for animals and to speak and act with compassion on their behalf and to influence others to do so. For that, we need your help in whatever way you can and would prefer to help.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are our backbone. If you can give us your time and effort, please let us know.

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Give A Donation

We are always in need of food, medicines and cash to do more. If you can help us either in kind or in money, please do so.

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Become A Member

The more people are deeply involved in our organization, the better it is. Please become a member if you would like to be more involved.

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These are some of the efforts we have carried out in the past. We plan to do much more. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about any specific effort.

Nov 21 - Dec 16 / 9.00AM – 4.00PM TVCC, C V Sc OUAT, BBSR

Cattle Rescue

PFA Bhubaneswar recently rescued 60 cattle being transported illegally under appalling conditions. They were then taken to the PFA shelter for veterinary...
Nov 21 - Dec 16 / 9.00AM - 4.00PM TVCC, C V Sc OUAT, BBSR

Mission Rabies

The Mission Rabies event was a Surgery Truck Training program for the Post-graduate Veterinary students of Odisha Veterinary College. The World Veterinary...
Nov 21 - Dec 16 / 9.00AM – 4.00PM TVCC, C V Sc OUAT, BBSR

Stray dog adoption

The increase in stray dog population creates man-animal conflict and the most important aspect is avoiding the spread of rabies, one of the most deadly...
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