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To nature and animal lovers everywhere:

Volunteers are our main support system and help us maximize the impact on animal welfare using the resources we have. We appeal to all animal lovers to volunteer in whichever way that interests you. Wherever you are in the world, we could use your help in some form or the other. And if you live outside Bhubaneswar, please do contact PFA whenever you are visiting to see for yourself the work that is being done and to just connect. Because, we want to get to know all our volunteers and well-wishers!

So that we can make this an organized effort, please fill out the following form indicating your personal details and your interest:

Volunteer Form


Please let us know what you would like to volunteer for as we have five divisions in People for Animals (see below for description):



Description of areas:

This entails research work, writing projects, cold calling, fundraising. This office solves problems that arise from animal work all over Odisha. If you wish to join that the address is Flat No. 302, Block-B, Plot No. 338, Shivnath Lifestyle Apartment, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751007, Odisha.
Shelter: Working in the shelter/hospital of People for Animals, Near AIIMS, Bhubaneswar. This entails hands on work with animals: cleaning, feeding, treating. The hospital is open 24 hours a day so you will have to specify which hours and days you wish to come in.
Legal Issues: This means making project papers on issues, research for cases, lobbying. The timings are 5 days a week 10-5 depending on what needs to be done.
Adoption: Every weekend, we arrange an adoption drive where we try to get people to adopt puppies and kittens.
Crime: Raiding illegal establishments and overloaded trucks. Answering cruelty cases and confiscating animals. This has no timing and can be at night as well. It involves learning the law and filing FIRs. It involves dealing with the police.
Communication: We would like to create an E-magazine that goes out periodically. We also need volunteers to create awareness through social media and/or be available to answer local cruelty calls if someone complains.
Fostering: We need volunteers who will act as foster parents to confiscated, abandoned and ill animals who will die in the shelter. These animals will remain with you while we work towards getting them a permanent home.
Donations: We need help to get donations in kind for shelter and rescue animals such as old mattresses, food etc (link to ‘Donation in kind’ section). We also need your help in raising money in whatever way possible, whether it is through local fundraisers or corporate matching or anything else that you can think of)
Internship: This requires a minimum of 25 working days in the office at Flat No. 302, Block-B, Plot No. 338, Shivnath Lifestyle Apartment, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751007, Odisha. Interns are required to: (1) Do research work for articles on animals and (2) Do research for books that form the basis of animal work.